Casino Player Vocabulary
Casino Player Vocabulary

Casino Player Vocabulary

The casino is an entirely different world that operates according to rules and principles. It also has its own jargon. It is, in fact, a lexicon of terms used in a casino game. All casino games have a very specific vocabulary, whether poker, baccarat, blackjack or roulette… As a result, the casino player must be able to master the expressions used in the game he wants to play. Next to that, there is a general vocabulary used in all casino games. This is the basis to learn for anyone who wants to get into a casino game. In the land-based or online casino room, these expressions are commonly used and are considered the most important ones to memorize. Here are just a few of them.

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The bonus

Bonus is the buzzword in casino games. It is a kind of bonus offered to the player for a good deed undertaken or for having won. In online casinos, for example, several bonuses are offered, including welcome bonuses. They are obtained right after the creation of your account, loyalty bonuses for regular players. These bonuses are nothing more than real money that is deposited directly into your online account. Bonuses offered with slot play are also referred to as free spins, which refer to the free spin to free tries.

The progressive jackpot

This expression is used to express the colossal gains to be won, estimated at several millions. Progressive jackpots are offered in slot machines. A player who has the right combinations of the games will be able to win a progressive jackpot and will see his winnings go up to 100 times or more, the amount of his bet. If you are a slot machine enthusiast, you should definitely know what the Progressive Jackpot means.


If you go to casinos often, you will often hear about sponsorship. And when you hear this expression, you know full well that only we, will be the major actor of this expression. Sponsorship in casinos usually brings in a lot of money. Its principle is quite simple. It is not only practiced in online casinos. Several brands practice it nowadays. This concept brought to the gambling halls a few years ago is to tell your friends about the casino you are playing at. If one of them decides to follow you, your casino will offer you a reward called a referral bonus.

The players’ forum

The forum of the days is a pole of exchange between players. It is, therefore, necessary that you are registered to listen to suggestions, proposals, contributions, or anything else concerning the topics to be discussed on the forum. If you want to play a game of online casino and you don’t know what the players’ forum means, try to find out what it means.

The tournament

It is, in fact, a competition, bringing together several players. Here, it is each one who wants to win the game. The champion of the game will receive a bonus. It is a rewarding moment for the players as they practice developing strategies.

The live dealer

The live dealer or live dealer is the character who intervenes in virtual reality in the game like poker, roulette, blackjack… He deals with the cards. He is connected to the players in the online and land-based casino rooms, and it is he who supervises the game. It can be found in many 3D casino games.

Betting increase

This simply means that you have the opportunity to place an additional bet. It all depends on the rules of the game, of each casino game. But usually, this only applies to table games where the player can increase his initial bet during a game.

The bankroll

The bankroll is the amount of money you have in an online land-based casino. It combines the amount you have planned and the winnings you have earned since the beginning of your gambling session. Simply put, it’s capital that you put aside for a game session. This money can become profitable overnight, but it should be mentioned that this does not happen overnight. So you have to be patient.

The fun mode

This is an option that allows you to play for free. It is simply the free mode. You don’t spend any money, and you simply practice. Here you have no winnings and no bonuses. It’s a mode where you don’t have to spend any money. And just to make it clear, you don’t make a fortune in casinos by playing without money. In other words, it doesn’t provide the adrenaline rush that many players look for when playing pay casino games.

The kitty

It is a sum that accumulates each time there is a draw. You win it if and only if you find the right combination. The jackpot equals the jackpot.


These are plastic discs that represent the money in the game. You can find them in virtual form in online casinos. They are placed on a gaming table.


Flash allows you to play instantly on a browser without downloading any casino software.

Keep in mind that the vocabulary at the casino is so dense that you need to be able to consult it regularly and, above all, master it. It is up to the casino player to make an effort to understand them as the days go by. In this article, we have not combed through all the terms related to the casino. However, we have brought out the essentials. If you learn them every day, one by one, you will better understand the jargon that is widely used in casinos both online and on land.