The Spice Route in Gambling

The Spice Route in Gambling

Canadian Casinos with restaurants, bars, cafes and bistros

There are dozens of Casino-Restaurants across Canada, but only a few can be considered luxurious enough to make this list. The five casinos we’ve chosen are not only some of the biggest casinos in Canada but also some of the most expensive and exclusive, with good bars and restaurants.

  1. Casino Niagara, Ontario
  2. Casino De Montreal, Quebec
  3. Casino Rama Resort, Ontario
  4. River Cree Resort and Casino, Alberta
  5. Caesars Windsor Hotel And Casino, Ontario

When you’re done playing online casinos and eating at the Spice Route Bistro, you can save up enough money to visit one of them.

Casino Restaurants for their visitors will always find exquisite cognacs and vintage wines, which skillfully emphasize the sophistication of the food served.

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